Garage doors

Garage doors: modular, tilt, side-hung, roll-up

  • Available in a thermally insulated version or ready to be filled with a layer of insulation,
  • A wide range of colours, wood-effect veneers and accessories to integrate the product seamlessly with other components of your home,
  • If you use your garage for more than keeping your car, use a convenient solution – an additional entry door within or next to the garage door,
  • Ability to control all devices: roller-blinds, canopies, doors and alarm at your property means that you, your home and family will be safe 24 h, all year round.

Modular doors: an investment with guaranteed gains

  • Door insulated with 40 mm polyurethane foam to keep warm air inside your garage and help you save electricity,
  • A wide range of designs: from colourful panels to modern V- profiles, enables you to create a unique style suited to your home surroundings,
  • Make your product special with accessories: decorative panels and windows to create a one-of-a-kind door.

Tilt and hide-hung doors: economical and reliable

  • Reliability, ease of use and a simple design will let you enjoy your door for a long time,
  • If you need to, you can insulate your gate at any time,
  • Ease of use is also guaranteed by an electric motor which works with other devices in your home.

Roll-up door: aesthetics and flexible fitting

A special solution for small garages: you can save space in the garage and the driveway, while ensuring safety of your loved ones and your car.

  • Standard automated door prevents unexpected failures thanks to photoelectric sensors and curtain lock,
  • A convenient solution operated externally using a switch or remotely with a remote control,
  • Ability to operate the door manually using a crank,
  • Save electricity with the glazed option.

Electric controls:

  • Electric control is a convenient solution which allows you to control all your devices (roller blinds, garage doors and entrance gates, canopies, lighting and alarm) using a single remote or a satellite control system,
  • You can program your devices remotely using modern technological tools: opening and closing on a timer.