The Dynamicroll high-speed door with a self-repair mechanism was designed for cold stores and freezers (even up to –30°C!). The special double PVC curtain system with a heated space inbetween, as well as the speed of opening and closing the door reduce heat exchange between rooms and prevent ice formation on the curtains.


  • Inverter (400V), encoder, full wiring,
  • Opening max 1.0 m/s,
  • Closing 0.6 m/s,
  • 1.5 kW motor, 50/60 Hz,
  • Double self-repairing curtain without windows, available in 12 RAL colours (9010, 1015, 1003, 2004, 3002, 5012, 5002, 6026, 7035, 7037, 7042 and 9005).

Additional features:

  • INOX stainless steel structure (column, roller and motor housing),
  • Radio control (radio + 2 remotes),
  • Radars,
  • Induction loop detectors,
  • Drawbar switches,
  • Advanced settings programmer,
  • Induction loop detector,
  • Signalling device (red-green) with LED lights.


Leaf gates opener WINGO3524HS HI-SPEED

Quiet, fast, durable and safe. High-speed electromechanical actuators for leaf gates. Thanks to the reliable design and modern solutions, opening the gate to the 90° angle can be done in just 10 seconds.


Sliding gate opener ROBUS500HS HI-SPEED

Rapid movement and maximum security. Actuator for sliding doors up to 500 kg with a built-in control panel. Thanks to advanced technical parameters, the gate opens quietly and smoothly. Ideal for heavy use.